Vacations To Go

Tulips and Whidbey Island Adventure


Day 1 Thursday    
7:00 a.m. Depart: Spokane  
    (Go west on I-90.  Take exit 84.  Go right.  At 1st go right.  On the left side.)  
10:00 a.m. Arrive: Cle Elum 196
Cle Elum Bakery
10:30 a.m. Depart: Cle Elum  
    (Continue right on 1st.  It will end at the freeway.  Safeway is on the left if you wish to fill up. At exit 10 take I-405. When it ends, continue on Hwy 525 to the ferry terminal.)  
12:30 p.m. Arrive: Mukilteo 102
1:00 p.m. Do: Ferry $9.15 car and driver/$5.10 adult/$2.55 65+  (every half hour)  
1:20 p.m. Arrive: Clinton  
    (Go off the ferry straight ahead.  The road will go right on Hwy 525.  Shortly turn right on Langley Rd.  It will go left on 6th, then right on Cascade.  Turn left on 2nd and park down about a block.)  
1:35 p.m. Arrive: Langley 6
  See: Shops:
Sweet Monas on the left.  She has chocolates and gelato.
Good Cheer Thrift at the corner of Antles. 
    (Walk right on Antles and right again on 1st.  There is a boy and dog statue on the left with a stairs to the water.)    
  Depart: Langley  
    (Continue on 2nd.  Turn left on Anthes.  Go right on 3rd.  At the junction continue right on Brooks Hill Rd.  It will become Bayview Rd., then Langley Loop.  Turn right on Hwy 525.  Not too far down turn right on Harbor.  Take the 1st left.)  
14 min. Arrive: Freeland 7

WAIF Thrift Store (10-5)
1660 Roberta Ave
Freeland, WA 98249

    (Continue right on Hwy 525.  Turn right on South Woodard Ave.  Big grey building on the left.)  
  See: Senior Thrift (10-5)
5518 Woodard Ave
Freeland, WA 98249
    (Continue right on Hwy 525.  In Greenbank watch for signs.  Turn right on Wonn.)  
  Arrive: Greenbank 7
10 min. Do:
Greenbank Farms
Artworks Gallery, Greenbank Cheese Shop, Greenbank Wine Shop, Raven Rocks Gallery, Seaside & Sylvan, Whidbey Pies
  Depart: Greenbank  
    (Continue right on Hwy 525.  Turn left on Hwy 20/Wanamaker Rd.  Turn left on Ft. Casey Rd.  It will go by Crockett Blockhouse. Turn right on Engle Rd.   Pick up your key at the yellow building, if you arrive by 4.  Let them know, if not.  Otherwise go right to the inn.  Houses are on the left.  House 1 is on the left all the way to house 8 on the right.  Park behind them.)  
  Arrive: Ft. Casey 10
15 min. Lodge:
Ft. Casey Inn
Optional:   (Continue left/north on Engle Rd. It is on the left side)  
  Do: Prairie Center Red Apple Grocery Store and a few restaurants across the street.  


Day 2 Friday    
    (Go right, watching for the entrance to Ft. Casey State Park on the right.  Go up the hill.)  
10:00 a.m. See:
Ft. Casey State Park
    (Follow the road next to the parking lot going northwest.)  
11:00 a.m. See:
Admiralty Head Lighthouse (11-4)
  Depart: Ft. Casey  
    (Go back out of the park and turn left on Engle Rd.  Take a left on Hill Rd.  It will go right on Ebey Landing Rd.  The house in the field on the right is the original house on the island-It is not open and there isn’t any place to park. Continue, then turn left on Cook Rd.  Turn left on Center Rd to the cemetery.  The old graves are in fence on the left.)  
11 min. See:
Sunnyside Cemetery
September 1853 found Isaac Ebey setting aside a portion of his own claim for a family burial ground when his wife, Rebecca, succumbed to tuberculosis at age thirty. He situated it close by the family home and garden just above Ebey's Landing. [The site, located northeast of the Ferry House, is visible today from the "Prairie Overlook" across the street from Sunnyside Cemetery.] In August 1857, thirty-nine-year-old Isaac joined Rebecca in the family's graveyard when he was murdered by Kake Indians. Much of Isaac's family soon followed: his mother, Sarah, died in 1859, his daughter, Hetty, in 1861, his father, Jacob, and sister, Ruth, both passed away in 1862. In 1865, the death of Winfield Ebey left only one of Isaac's siblings still alive on Whidbey. Mary Ebey Bozarth's decision to bury her brother, Winfield, in a new location resulted in the creation of a second "Ebey Grave Yard"—and the start of a cemetery that would one day be called Sunnyside.
Davis Blockhouse-built as a log cabin in 1853 and remodeled into a blockhouse after Isaac Ebey was beheaded in 1857
    Continue right/south on Center to the end of the cemetery.  Turn right.  At the outhouse and sign go right to park.  Go back to the sign and begin your walk.)  
Jacob and Sarah Ebey House
    (Return to the car.  Go back to Center Rd and turn left.  It will go left on Sherman Rd.  Turn right on Hwy 20.  At the stoplight go left on Main St.  At Front go left and park.)  
4 min. Arrive:

The film Practical Magic was filmed here.
1 hr. See: Shops:
Touch of Dutch (on the south side of the street)
    (Go back north on Main St.  At the light go right on Hwy 20.  Outside Mt. Vernon take I-5 south to exit 227.  Go right College, then right again on Freeway Dr.  On the left.)  
  Lodge: Tulip Inn
2200 Freeway Dr.
Mt. Vernon, WA
(800) 599-5969
Option: Do: Part of Saturday's trip, if time.  


Day 3 Saturday    
9:00 a.m. Depart: Mt. Vernon  
    (Continue right on Freeway Dr.  It will go right on Division and cross the water on Hwy 536.  Jog left on Wall St, then right on McLean Rd.  Turn left on LaConner Whitney Rd.  Jog right on Morris.  There are shops here.)  Or continue straight to 1st.   )  
9:20 a.m. Arrive: La Conner 10
    (Continue on Morris. Turn left on 1st one block.)  
  See: Sylvia Pippen Designs (11-4) Quilts
128 S 1st
    (In another block turn left on Myrtle and right on 2nd.)  
Pacific Northwest Quilt and Fiber Arts Museum
 (11-5) Free
703 S 2nd
  Do: Pick one of the 2 farms below to visit  
    (Go back north on 1st or 2nd.  Turn right on Morris and left on LaConner Whitney Rd.  Take a right on McLean Rd and in a couple of blocks a left on Bradshaw.  On the left side.)  
Tulip Town
15002 Bradshaw Rd
Mt Vernon, WA 98273
Indoor flower and garden show, Pot Shop, Summit Garden, Parater Homestead, Gift Shop
Blue Trolley tour the fields $2 (10-4)
    Go back north on 1st or 2nd.  Turn right on Morris and left on LaConner Whitney Rd.  Take a right on McLean Rd and in 3 blocks go right on Beaver Marsh.  On the left side.)  
    Roozengaarde Farm (9-6)
15867 Beaver Marsh
Mt. Vernon, WA 98273
Display garden, gift shop
  Depart: Mt Vernon  
    (Go back to McLean Rd and head east. In Mt. Vernon go left on Wall St, then right on Division St/Hwy 536. Just before the freeway go right on 3rd. Turn left on Kincaid. Go right into I-5. At exit 182 take I-405 south. At exit 11 go west on I-90.)  
5 hrs. Arrive: Spokane 339