Vacations To Go


Wenatchee to Leavenworth Fun


Day 1 Thursday November 10th  
9:00 a.m. Depart: Spokane  
    (Take I-90 to exit 151. Turn right on Hwy 281, then left and right again to Hwy 28. Turn right on Grant Rd just past Hobby Lobby.)  
11:45 a.m.   Goodwill (9-6)
7819, 620 Grant Rd
East Wenatche, WA
    (Go back on Grant. Turn right on Hwy 28. Go left across the bridge on Hwy 285. Turn right on Mission. )  
  Arrive: Goodwill (9-7)
830 S Mission
    (Continue on Mission. Turn right on Chehalis St. Turn left on Wenatchee.)  
    Garage Door Thrift Store (11-6)
534 S Wenatchee
    Ditto Thrift Store (10-5:30)
224 S Wenatchee
    (Continue north on Wenatchee. On the right side after Palouse.)  
    Antique Mall of Wenatchee (11-6)
11 N Wenatchee
    Spruce and Willow Home (10-6)
133 N Wenatchee
    YWCA Thrift Store (11:30-5:30)
231 A N Wenatchee
    Veterans Warehouse Thrift Store (9-6)
1219 N Wenatchee
    (Continue right on Wenatchee. Turn right on Hwy 285. It will become Hwy 2.)  
30 min Arrive: Leavenworth 22
  Lodge: Evergreen Inn
1133 US-2
(509) 548-5515


Day 2 Friday November 11th  
  See: Das Thrift Haus (10:30-5)
211 14th St
    Lunch-Munchen Haus  
  Depart: Leavenworth  
    (Go west on Hwy 2.)  
  Do: Alps Candy Store (8-6)
13901 US 2
    (Go back east on Hwy 2.)  
22 min Arrive: Cashmere 18
    Antique Mall at Cashmere (9-6)
603 Cotlets Way
  Do: Apple Annie Antique Gallery (9-6)
100 Apple Annie
18 min Arrive: Wenatchee 12


Day 3 Saturday November 12th  
  Depart: Wenatchee  
    (Continue on Hwy 2. Turn right on Hwy 28. It will go left.)  
1 hr Arrive: Ephrata 49
  Do: Thrift Store (11-5)
1206 Basin St SW
    Novedades Noemi Thrift Store (10-5)
141 Basin St NW
    Ephrata Senior Center Thrift Store (10-5)
604 Basin St NW
    Reinters Antiques (10-4)
1568 Basin St NW
    Quality 2nd Hand Store
1400-1484 WA 28
    (Continue on Hwy 28. Go left on Hwy 17. Go left on 2nd.)  
10 min Arrive: Soap Lake 6
    Hecklebarney's Thrift Store (10-5)
51 S Division
    (Go back south on Hwy 17. Turn right on Grape Dr. and left on Central.)  
30 min Arrive: Moses Lake 22
    Goodwill (9-6)
789 Central
    (Go left on Central. Then left on Valley Rd. Turn right on Stratford. After crossing the bridge go left on Broadway. Continue right on Pioneer Way. Go left on 5th.)  
    Smileys Treasures (10-8)
615 E 5th
    (Go right on 5th and left on Wheeler. Turn right on Hwy 17. Go left onto I-90.)  
1 hr 40 min Arrive: Spokane, WA 107