Vacations To Go



Camano Island Adventure


Day 1 Thursday October 10th  
Mark, Ray & Sherry:      
9:00 a.m. Depart: Spokane  
  Arrive: Ellensburg  
  Do: Lunch-DQ, Wendy's, Arbys, Jimmy Johns  
1:30 p.m. Arrive: Kenmore 290
  Do: Kenmore Camera (9-6)  
    (Go right on Hwy 522. Turn right on Hwy 104. Enter I-5 north. Take exit 179. Turn left on 220th. Turn right on 76th. On the left at 196th.)  
    Around the Table Boardgame Pub (11-11)
7600 196th St SW
    (Go right on 196th. Turn right on 44th. Go left on 198th.)  
    Lynnwood Goodwill (9-9)  
    (Go left on 196th. Turn left on 40th. Turn right on Hwy 524/196th. Enter I-5 north in the right lane.)  
1 hr 10 min   Bellingham Goodwill
1115 E Sunset Dr
Barb, Tamra & Tim:      
5:00 p.m. Depart: Spokane  
9:30 p.m. Arrive:    


Day 2 Friday October 11th  
Mark, Ray & Sherry:      
  Depart: Bellingham  
  Arrive: Blaine  
8:15 a.m.
8:30 a.m.
Do: Global Entry  
9:00 a.m. Depart: Blaine  
    (Turn right on H St. Go right on Truck Rte/Hwy 543. Enter I-5. Take exit 221 at Conway. At the roundabout take the 4th exit on Pioneer Hwy. At Stanwood go right on Cedarhome Dr.)  
10:00 a.m. Arrive: Stanwood 62
  Arrive: Stanwood  
    Mustard Seed Baking Co (7-3)
8620 271st St NW
    The Picnic Pantry and Parlour (10-5)
8706 271st St NW
    Nina's Rings and Things (12-5)
8716 271st St NW
    (Cross the street.)  
    Stanwood Cupcakes (11-6)
8719 271st St NW
    Dollies to Doorknobs (11-6)
8719 271st St NW
    Starlight Deluxe Vintage Emp (9-5)
8705 271st St NW
    (Go back to 84th and turn right. Turn right on Hwy 532. Turn right on Lien. Go left into the mall.)  
    Uff Da Shoppe (11-4)
Scandanavian store
    Go back to Lien and turn right. Go right on Hwy 532. Turn right on 102nd. On the left side.)  

Stanwood Camano Thrift Store (10-4)
27030 102nd Ave NW

    (Go right on 102nd and take the 1st left on 270th. On the left side.)  
    Antique Mall Brick Road Antiques (11-5)
10111 270th St NW
    (Go right on 270th and left on 102nd. Go right again on Hwy 532. On the right side.)  
  Arrive: Camano Island, WA 64
  See: 2nd Chance Thrift Shop (10-4)
1335 WA-532
    Spareroom Flea Mart (11-5)
1215 WA-532
    The Camano Shop (11-5)
913 WA 532
    (Turn left on Sunrise Blvd. Take the 1st left.)  
    Camano Commons Marketplace (8-7)
848 N Sunrise Blvd
    The Baked Cafe (8-6)
848 N Sunrise Breakfast & Burgers
    The Sub Joint (10:30-5)
848 N Sunrise Blvd
Subs and soup
    Tapped Camano (12-8)
848 N Sunrise
Good food


Day 3 Saturday October 12th  
    ( Head west on Hwy 532. It will become Camano Dr. Turn right on Camano Hill Rd. Go left on Camano Dr. Take the 1st right. and right again. Take the 10th right. On the left side.)  
    Cama Beach Historical State Park  
    Cama Center (Fri-Sun 8-2)
1880 W Camano Dr.
Breakfast and lunch (cinnamon rolls and scones, too)
    (Go back to the main road and turn right. Take the last right. On the right side.)  
    Cama Beach Store (10-4 Saturday only)
Groceries, candy, souvenirs and gifts
    (Continue right on Camano Dr. Turn right on Lowell Point Rd. Turn right on Camano Island State Park Rd.)  
    Camano Island Staircase  
    (Go back to the junction and go right. On the left side.)  
    Al Emerson Interpretive Nature Loop Trail (.5 miles)  
    (Continue on Camano Island State Park Dr. Watch for the beach pullover.)  
    Beach stop  
    (Go back on Camano Island State Park Dr. Go right on Lowell Point Rd. Turn right on Mountain View Rd. Turn right on Camano Dr. Turn right on Redwing Rd. Go left on Mabana Rd.))  
    Mabana Beach  
    (Go back out on Mabana Rd. Turn right on Hidden Shores Ln/Redwing Rd. Take the 1st right on Seth Dr. Turn right on Camano Dr. Just a drive.)  
    (Continue on Camano Dr. Turn left on Mountain View Rd. Turn right on Elger Bay Rd.)  
    Journey's End Cafe/Kara's Kitchen (6am-9pm)
1992 S Elger Bay Rd
    (Continue left on Elger Bay Rd. It will enter Camano Dr. Go left. Just past the golf course on the right side.)  
    Pub 282 (11-9)
370 NE Camano Dr #6
    Rockaway Bar and Grill (11-9)
326 NE Camano Dr


Day 4 Sunday October 13th  
9:00 a.m. Depart: Camano Island  
5 hr 20 min Arrive: Spokane