Vacations To Go


Washington National Parks Adventure


Day 1 Saturday August 3rd  
9:00 p.m. Depart: Spokane  
    (Take I-90. Go right, then left on exit 110/Hwy 82.)  
12:30 p.m. Arrive: Yakima 207
  Do: Lunch-Daniel's Kitchen (7-8)
204 E Naches
    (Go right and take the 1st left on Naches.)  
    Vintage Shop Antique Mall (12-4)
133 E Naches
Selah, WA
    (Go left/west and turn left on 1st. On the right side.)  
    Lighthouse Thrift (9-6)
1606 N 1st St
    (Turn right on 1st. Turn right on Yakima.)  
    Yesterday's Village (10-6)
15 W Yakima
    (Turn left on Yakima. Turn right on 1st and left on Walnut.)  
    La Morenita Bakery (5-9)
117 E Walnut St
    (Go right on Walnut. Then right on 6th.)  
    The Salvation Army (9-6)
9 S 6th Ave
    (Walk right on 6th. At the corner turn right on Yakima.)  
    Flippers Antiques & Estate Sales (10-4)
519 W Yakima
    (Go left on Yakima. Go 4 blocks. On the left past D St.)  
    I&E Thrifty Budget Store (10-6)
402 N 5th, Suite 103
    (Go left/north on 5th. Turn right on E 1 St. Go left on N 1st St. On the left side.)  
  Lodge: The Hotel Y
1700 North 1st St
(509) 248-5650
Pay at property, Cancel before 8/01/24; Check-in 3 p.m.-11:30;
$116.48-King, $125.93-2 Queens, Breakfast, AC, Fridge, Outdoor Pool, Wifi)


Day 2 Sunday August 4th  
9:00 a.m. Depart: Yakima  
    (Go north on 1st, then left on Hwy 12. Continue straight ahead on Hwy 410. At the junction go right still on Hwy 410. Turn left to Sunrise.)  
  See: Sunrise Point Lookout  
11:00 a.m. Arrive: Sunrise Visitor Center (9-5) 89
  Do: Emmons Vista Trail  
  Depart: Sunrise  
    (Go back on the highway. Turn right on Hwy 410. Continue straight ahead on Hwy 123. Turn right to the visitor center.)  
1 hr Arrive: Ohanepecosh Visitor Center (9-5) 32
    (Go back to the highway and turn left on Hwy 123. Turn left on Stevens Canyon Rd.)  
50 min Arrive: Paradise 23.4
  See: Henry M Jackson Memorial Visitor Center  
    Myrtle Falls-185 ft elevation
From the Paradise parking area, you'll hike along the Skyline or Golden Gate trails heading east on the paved route for 0.4 miles. Myrtle Falls is reached by crossing a small footbridge over Edith Creek Basin and taking a left off the path, looking for the Myrtle Falls viewpoint and one of the trail’s best sights. 
  Depart: Paradise  
    (Go back out to the main road and turn right on Paradise Valley Rd. On the left side.)  
14 min   Christine Falls Bridge 7
    (Continue on Paradise Valley Rd.)  
8 min Arrive: Longmire 4.2
  See: Longmire Museum (9-5)
History and gift shop
    National Park Inn Dining Room (4:30-8)  
  Depart: Longmire  
    (Go west on Paradise Valley Rd. On the left side at the end of Ashford.)  
22 min Arrive: Ashford 13.2

Mountain Meadows Inn & Chalet Suites
28912 SR 706 E
Ashford, WA 98304
(360) 569-0507
Cancel by 7/28/24; will be charged on the card on 7/26/24; Check-in 4-9
( King Suite $315.02, Deluxe Studio $280.03, Breakfast, Kitchenette, Hot Tub



Day 3 Monday August 5th  
9:00 a.m. Depart: Ashford  
    (Turn left on Hwy 706. At Elbe turn right on Hwy 7.)  
9:35 a.m. Arrive: Rainier Scenic View 25.4
    (Continue on Hwy 7. Shortly turn left on Hwy 702. In McKenna turn left on Hwy 507. Continue straight ahead on Hwy 510. At the roundabout continue left on Hwy 510. Turn right on Reservation Rd. Go right on Old Pacific Hwy. Turn left on Kuhlman Rd. Go right on Nisqually Cut Off Rd. Turn right to cross I-5 and left onto I-5. Take exit 104 right on Hwy 101. Go left on Hwy 8. At Elma it will become Hwy 12. In Aberdeen continue on Wishkah St. Turn right on Alder St. Go left on Hwy 101/Sumner Ave. After crossing the river it will go right on Lincoln/Hwy 101, then left on Perry. Continue on Hwy 1010. Turn right on N Shore Rd.)  
12:15 p.m. Arrive: Quinault Rain Forest 128
    Maple Glade Rain Forest Trail-Kestner Homestead Trailhead (1.5 loop) This short interpretive takes you through a homestead from the 1800s. Relics from the past along the way include an old barn, the home that the Kestner and Higley families occupied, and various outbuildings and equipment they used. Turning left leads to the very short, wheelchair-friendly Maple Glade Nature Loop trail, a lovely add-on.  
  Depart: Quinault Rain Forest  
    (Go back right on N Shore. Turn right on Hwy 101.)  
45 min Arrive: Kalaloch 34
  Do: Kalaloch Ranger Station-get stamp  
    (Continue right on Hwy 101. Turn left into the Kalaloch Campground parking lot. Look for the path to the beach. Once at the bottom turn right.)  
  See: Tree Root Cave (Tree of Life)  
  Depart: Kalaloch  
    (Continue right on Hwy 101. Turn right to Hoh Rain Forest.)  
1 hr Arrive: Hoh Rain Forest 39.5
  See: Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center (9-5)  
Optional:   Hall of Mosses Trailhead (Maple Glade is better.)  
  Depart: Hoh Rain Forest  
    (Go back out and turn right on Hwy 101. On the right side.)  
50 min Arrive: Forks 31.1
  Lodge: Dew Drop Inn
100 Fern Hill Rd
Forks, WA 98331
(360) 374-4055
(2 doubles $192.27 McGee: $186.75 for O'Russa, Booked at hotel, Sofabed, Hair Dryer, Micro/Fridge, AC, wifi)
Cancel before 8/03/24; Check-in 3-11


Day 4 Tuesday August 6th  
    (On the left side.)  
  Do: Breakfast-The In Place  
9:00 a.m. Depart: Forks  
    (Go right/north on Hwy 101. Turn left on Hwy 110/La Push Rd. Watch for the sign.)  
9:20 a.m. See: Second Beach (1.6 miles, 80 ft elevation) 14.5
    (Continue on Hwy 110.)  
  See: First Beach .9
2 min   (Continue north on Hwy 101. Turn left on Hwy 113. Continue forward on Hwy 112/Strait of Juan de Fuca Hwy. On the right side.)  
1 hr
25 min
Arrive: Neah Bay 60.7
  Do: Buy pass & lunch at Washburn General Store-restroom in back  
  Depart: Neah Bay  
    (Continue right on Hwy 112. Turn left on Fort St and right on 3rd. Go left on Cape Flattery Rd.)  
16 min Arrive: Cape Flattery 8.3
  Do: Cape Flattery Trail (1.5 mile RT-200 ft elevation)-3 turnoff viewpoints including Cape Flattery Lighthouse  
  Depart: Cape Flattery  
    (Go back on Cape Loop Rd. Turn left on Makah Passage, which becomes Backtrack Rd. Trn right on Hwy 112/Strait of Juan de Fuca Hwy. It will go right at Clallam Bay. Continue straight ahead at Hwy 113. Go left on Hwy 101. Turn left on Lake Crescent Rd.)  
  Arrive: Lake Crescent  
1 hr
25 min
  Fairholme Store (9-6)
(Snacks, ice cream and souvenirs)
13 min See: Lake Crescent Lodge
Gift Shop
Optional: Do: Marymere Falls Trail (1.8 mile RT, 500 ft elevation)  
    (Go left/east on Hwy 101. In Port Angeles go right on Lauridsen Blvd. Turn right on Mr Angeles Rd. On the right side.)  
Option 1:      
30 min. Arrive: Port Angeles 20.9

Country Home Just Minutes from Town
($374/$74.80 each/$149.60 for two-Master queen with bathroom, 2nd-double, 3rd twins, 2nd bath)

    Olympic Inn & Suites
1510 E Front St
Cancel before 8/04
($214.95-3 adults-2 queens, $187.25-2 adults-KingAC, hair dryer, fridge, microwave)
Option 2:      
1 hr Arrive: Sequim 36
  Lodge: Sequim West Inn (7 am-10 pm)
740 W Washington
Sequim, WA 98382
(360) 683-4144 (800) 528-4527
Cancel before 24 hours; Check-in 2-10
(2 Bedroom Suite $168.19, Queen $147.81, Booked at hotel, Fridge, Microwave, AC Wifi, elevator)


Day 5 Wednesday August 7th  
Option 2:      
9:00 a.m. Depart: Sequim  
    (Go right on Washington. Turn left on Sequim Ave. Go right on Hwy 101. Turn left on Race St.)  
9:30 a.m. Arrive: Port Angeles 17.3
9:00 a.m./
9:30 a.m.
See: Olympic National Park Visitor Center (9-5)
    (Go back right on Hurricane Ridge Rd.)  
35 min Arrive: Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center 17.8
  Do: Climb up the hill across the street to the viewpoint  
12:00 p.m. Depart: Hurricane Ridge  
    (Go back down the hill and right on E 1st St. Go left on River Rd. On the left side.)  

1 hr
30 min

Arrive: Port Townsend (Summer times aren't out yet) 64.9
2:00 p.m. Do: Ferry $13.90 car and driver/$4.10 adult/$2.05 senior 65+  
2:35 p.m. Arrive: Fort Casey  
    (Go right on Hwy 20. It will go left. Jog right and then left on Keystone Hill Rd. Go right on Patmore Rd and turn left on Hwy 20. It will become Pioneer Way.)  
3:00 p.m. Arrive: Oak Harbor (Pick which ones you wish to see) 13.6
    PNW Vibes Market (11-5)
861 SE Poneer Way #102
    Popsies (11-7)
851 SE Pioneer Way #101
Candy store
    Little Town Cottage (11-6)
851 SE Pioneer Way
841 SE Pioneer Way
    (Keep walking down Pioneer Way to City Beach. Cross at the light and go left.)  
    Past Time Thrift (10-6)
350 SE Pioneer Way #105
    Somewhere in Time Gifts & More
316 SE Pioneer Way
    Habitat for Humanity Re-Store (10-5)
290 SE Pioneer Way
    (Turn around and continue east on Pioneer Way.)  
    Whidbey Island Mermaid Statue  
    Mad Batter Bakehouse (10-5)
800 SE Pioneer Way
    Dina's Great Finds Antique Store (11-5)
830 SE Pioneer Way
    Purple Moon-gift shop ( 10-8)
860 SE Pioneer Way #103
    (Turn left on Hathaway. On the back side of the building.)  
    Soo Berry Good (?)
791 SE Fidalgo Ave, Ste 102
    (Drive east on Pioneer Way. Turn left on Midway Blvd. On the right side.)  
    OLDish Stuff (11-5)
40 NE Midway
    Matt Wood's Antique American
50 NE Midway
    WAIF Thrift Shop (10-5:30)
465 NE Midway Blvd
  Depart: Oak Harbor  
    (Turn right on Midway and right again on Hwy 20. Enter I-5 right/south. Take the 1st exit. Turn left on George Hopper Rd. Go through the roundabout. On the right side.)  
40 min Arrive: Burlington 28.2
  Lodge: Comfort Suites Burlington
500 E George Hopper Rd
Burlington, WA 98233
(360) 630-5777
Pay at property, Cancel before 8/06/24; Check in @ 2
($166.19-2 Queens, $125.25-King, Buffet breakfast, Fridge, Microwave, Coffeemaker, Elevator, Wifi, A/C)



Day 6 Thursday August 8th  
9:00 a.m. Depart: Burlington  
    (Turn right on George Hopper Rd. Go right on Pease Rd. It will jog left on Anacortes St. Turn right on Hwy 20/Cascade Hwy. In Newhalem turn right across the river passing the campground.)  
10:25 a.m. Arrive: Newhalem 61.6
  Do: North Cascades Visitor Center (9-5)
376 Newhalem
    (Go back to Hwy 20 and turn right. Turn right on Main St. Park and walk to the suspension bridge.)  
  Do: Trail of the Cedars (.3 miles RT)  
    (Go back to Hwy 20 and turn right. Turn right on Ladder Creek Ln. Park by the suspension bridge.)  
  Do: Gorge Powerhouse-Tour inside  
    Ladder Creek Falls & Garden-The gardens were the creation of James Delmage (J.D.) Ross, Seattle City Light’s second superintendent. J.D., the son of a Scottish horticulturist, combined his love of plants with his interest in electricity. Beginning in 1925, J.D. Ross created a wonderland garden surrounding the Gorge Powerhouse for visitor enjoyment and entertainment.  
  Depart: Newhalem  
    (Go back right on Hwy 20. Cross the river in Winthrop. On the right side.)  
1 hr
30 min
Arrive: Winthrop 72
  Do: Sheri's Sweet Shoppe  
    Shotgun Nellies (10-5) Gift shop  
    (Cross the street.)  
    Winthrop Store (7-7)  
    Public Restroom  
    Aspen Grove Home & Kitchen (11-5)
156 Riverside
    (Cross the street.)  
    Courtyard Quail (11-5) Gift shop  
    Withrop Emporium (10-5)  
  Depart: Winthrop  
    ((Continue east on Hwy 20. At the jucgtion go right on Hwy 153. At Pateros go left on Hwy 97. In Brewster go right on Hwy 17. Continue straight ahead on Hwy 174. At Wilbur go left on Hwy 2.)  
3 hr
40 min
Arrive: Spokane 188
    (Continue east on Hwy 20. At the junction go right on Hwy 153. At Pateros go right on Hwy 97. It will become Hwy 2. Turn right across the river and left into town on Hwy 285. On the left.)  
2 hr Arrive: Wenatchee 98.5
    Best Western Chieftain Inn $274.39
1017 N Wenatchee Ave
Cancel 50 8/04/24; Check-in 4 p.m.
(King, Continental Breakfast, AC, Wifi, CM, Fridge, Microwave, Hair Dryer, Outdoor Pool & Hot Tub)


Day 7 Friday August 9th  
9:00 a.m. Depart: Wenatchee  
    (Go left on 9th and right on Hwy 28/Sunset Hwy. Go left on Hwy 2. Turn right on Eels Rd and right again on Apple Annie Ave.)  
9:20 a.m. Arrive: Cashmere 12.9
  See: Apple Annie Antique Gallery (9-6)
100 Apple Annie
    (Go back on Apple Annie and left on Eels Rd. Cross the highway to Cotlets Way. On the right side.)  
    Antique Mall At Cashmere (9-6)
603 Cotlets Way
    (Go back left on Cotlets Way. At the light turn left on Hwy 2/97.)  
17 min Arrive: Leavenworth 12
  Do: Danish Bakery (9-8)
731 Front St
    Lunch-Munchen Haus (11-10)
    (Continue left/west on Hwy 2.)  
    The Alps (8-5)
13901 US Hwy 2
    (Go back east on Hwy 2. Turn right on Hwy 28. Turn leftt on Valley Mall Pkwy. Go right on 9th.)  
40 min Arrive: Wenatchee 30.2
  Lodge: Best Western Chieftain Inn  


Day 8 Saturday August 9th  
  Do: Hotel checkout until 11 a.m.  
  See: Second Chance Thrift Shop (9-4)
1312 Maple St, Suite K
    Spruce and Willow Home (antiques) (10-6)
133 N Wenatchee
    Antique Mall of Wenatchee (11-6)
11 N Wenatchee
    Ditto Thrift Store (10-5:30)
224 S Wenatchee
    Garage Door Thrift Store (11-6)
534 S Wenatchee
    Goodwill (9-8)
830 S Mission St
    Mt the Attic (12-6)
818 Valley Mall Pkwy
    Thrift 'R Us (12:30-5)
816 Valley Mall Pkwy
    Goodwill (9-7)
7819, 620 Grant Rd Ste A
  Depart: Wenatchee  
    (Go left on 9th and left again on Hwy 28. Turn right on White Trail Rd. It will go left. Turn right on Hwy 281. Enter I-90.)  
3 hrs Arrive: Spokane 172



  Ray & Sherry Barb & Tim Tamra
The Hotel Y $116.48 ($125.93) $83.95 $41.98
Mountain Meadows Inn $280.03 ($315.02) $210.01 $105.01
Dew Drop Inn $186.75 ($192.27) $128.18 $64.09
Sequim West Inn $147.81 ($168.19) $112.13 $56.06
Comfort Suites Burlington $125.25 ($166.19) $110.79 $55.40
Cedars Inn (2 nights) $304.00    
Total $1,160.32 $645.06 $322.54